Tuesday, July 9, 2013

End stage for advertising first film directed by himself, Zhao Wei has invited husband and daughter to travel abroad, make up for the two big love her life's busy time recently.
Send youth is the first film directed by Zhao wildlife official debut in China this April. Being a perfectionist, rigorous work, Zhao Wei has put the whole time, his enthusiasm for this film. And success has smiled "little swallow: when her movies were" big winners "in the first day.

"So young" received support from cinema audiences. Send a box office of youth in the launch of more than 45 million yuan (over 152 billion) and become grossing Chinese film in China in its first day.

Not only in terms of commercial success, the film also received the praise of experts. Thanks to the power of Zhao hot and the power of media, phrases Send adolescence is one of those phrases are searched most in China.

After a busy year with the movie, Zhao decided a break and spend time with family, especially little girls were over 3 years old. Three members of the Zhao family flew overseas on vacation and "husband" of "little swallow" do not be afraid to show off the latest photos of the whole family.

She was the daughter of Zhao bigger adorable and smart. She brought chubby face while father owns bright eyes of her cleverness. Unlike many other female artists, Zhao said the family is her asset and never sacrifice her home in exchange for career success.

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